Rules of the FIB baby photo contest 1st Edition

Brandel, Ltd a Mozambican company, located at 62 Simões da Silva Street, Maputo, Mozambique ,will undertake a baby photograph competition in conjunction with the international baby expo which will be hosted in Maputo at the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre, on March 9,10 and 11 2012. Participants will stand a chance to win three (3) grand prizes subject to the criteria of public voting. The competition assumes the title of “baby FIB photograph competition 1st edition”, and is subject to the following conditions:




The present regulation was set with the objective of defining the form of participation, pre-selection and final voting for the competition, as well as the awarding and final delivery of the prizes.




 The “baby FIB photograph competition 1st edition” is open to all parents or single parents with children not older than the age of 2, with permanent residency within the Mozambican territory and will commence at 12 noon of 07th February, with a closing date of submissions by 9 pm of 19th February 2012.




The photograph background is of free design, as long as the babies are fully visible in the photographs. Photographs with total nudity will not be accepted, or any manifestation of obscenity or sign of causing stress to the babies.  




Participants must be the parents (mother or father) of the baby and by submitting the photographs automatically authorize the baby participation in the competition. Participants who cannot prove paternity will be excluded. Photographs submitted will not be returned at any stage.




Images cannot be digitally altered or manipulated, except to enhance the photograph to make it brighter or clearer. Brandel, Ltd (and its group of associates) reserves the right to removing any photographs which they think may have been manipulated. 





Participants (parents) should be older than 18 and reside in the Mozambican territory.




Submission of photographs:


a) Submission of the photographs should be made by uploading directly to the specific section of the competition in the facebook page .


Or alternatively


b) Original photographs should be sent to 62 Simões da Silva Street, Maputo, Mozambique, with a letter attached containing the information of the participants.




The “baby FIB photograph competition 1st edition”:


1st prize – An Apple iPad 2 WI-Fi 64 GB

2nd prize – A digital shooting camera Canon HD

      3rd Prize –A baby chair/ baby table seat




The competition is organized in phases:


Phase 1 –Submission of photographs


Submission commences at 12 noon of 07th February and closes at 9 pm of 19th February 2012.


Phase 2 – Public voting on-line (pre-selection of the 10 most voted for)


Voting commences at 9am of 20th February 2012 and closes at 09 pm of 05th March 2012.


Phase 3 – Final public voting by visitors of the international baby expo


Voting commences at 9am of 9nd March 2012 and closes at 12 noon of 11th March 2012.


Phase 4 –Announcement of the final winners


The prize awarding ceremony will be 18:00 noon on March 11, 2012 in the FIB Events area (Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre, Maputo), during the closing gala of the international baby expo.




The voting takes place over two phases as follows:


Phase 1 – On-line public voting (pre-selection of the 10 most voted)


Each user of facebook is limited to one public vote on participant photographs, and will do so by clicking on the chosen preferred photograph. 


Phase 2 – Final public vote by the International baby expo visitors


The 10 selected photographs from the on-line voting will be printed and displayed for the duration of the International baby expo, from the 9nd March 2012 the 11th March 2012. Each photograph will be provided a serial number from 1 to 10. Each visitor will be given a voting coupon when entering the expo, so that they can selecting their favorite photograph and submit their vote in the box provided. The winning criteria will be the most voted photograph, excluding nulls or invalid coupons.





Nulls or invalid votes are those scratched coupons, not legible, corrected or blank.




In case of any ties in the voting phases, Brandel, Ltd will select a panel who will have the deciding vote.




For the prize awarding ceremony, Brandel, Ltd will invite all the finalists to be present. The ceremony will form part of the closing gala of the international baby expo to be hosted on March the 11 2012 at 6 pm at the expo.




If by any chance the winner cannot receive the prize and or it becomes impossible for Brandel, Ltd to deliver any of the prizes, be it for not being able to track any of the winners or for any other reason within 90 days, the prizes will revert to the Government of Mozambique.




Brandel, Ltd cannot be held accountable for any mishandling of the participation forms nor for losses or damages caused by the inability to participate. Yet we will try in our best capacity to solve situations proven to related to our system failure.




The following people are excluded from entering the competition:


a. Staff of Brandel, Ltd and their immediate family members and any staff and their immediate family of associated groups or associate companies.


b. Anyone who illegitimately accesses privileged information, not public, related to the competition. 




Violation of the previous point, determines the cancellation of the participation, reverting any prize won to the Government of Mozambique.  




Thank you for your interest in baby FIB photograph competition 1st edition and good luck.